zo 13 mrt 22 11:00
zo 13 mrt 22

Geniet op zondagochtend van de luistermuziek van studenten van de Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Laat je tijdens de voorstelling verrassen door prachtige kamermuziek, gespeeld door toekomstige professionals. Meer informatie over de artiest(en) volgt later in het seizoen.

BCO is a newly founded chamber orchestra made by young and driven professional musicians based in the Netherlands. Their approach to the creation is a unique way of collaboration to shape the music as a collective. 

Since the foundation, the orchestra has paid special attention to diversity and inclusion in their programming as well as their constitution, this has led then to an outstanding ratio of diversity among the orchestras.

BCO strives to change the practice of the orchestra and classical music to a more sustainable and inclusive way and one pillar of this process is transmitting the cultural diversity of the members in the programming and performance of the orchestra.

The production ‘Verräter’ is based on a story of betrayal. Interpreting the music of famous classical composers with uniqueness. It has connected the dramatical story of Coriolanus with the opening of a Nocturne and searching through the mystical Fingal’s cave to find triumph with the symphony of Mozart, and last but not least the devastating end of the double concerto of Amin Ebrahimi. Come and experience abundant emotions with the imagination of this magical production.